Your studio for
pole, Dance and aerial acrobatics in Hamburg-Altona

Looking for a new passion?

Pole Dance is a multifaceted sport and an effective entire body workout. Come around to our studio in Hamburg’s west and just try it out!

For your first lesson, the BASE classes are perfect. And no, you really don’t need to be athletic or have any previous sportive experiences.

Our bright and friendly studio with almost 300 m², 22 poles with a height of 4.30 meters and our competent team offer a wide range of training activities.

the levels



No previous knowledge required. That’s the best option to take a trial lesson and learn the basic techniques.


Beginners with
basic knowledge

The different basic tricks, spins and climbs will be improved, and upside down positions will be practiced for the first time.



This is where the intermediate level starts! Figures, spins, mounts from level I are combined, the different press points are reduced and of course many new tricks and mounts are learned, such as Shoulder and Aerial Mount.



Deeper Intermediate Level. For example, Upside Down positions such as Ayesha, Elbow Hook, Aerial Mounts are practiced.



Advanced and our highest level! Upside down positions from level III and various aerial mounts are a requirement for this level, because here everything will be combined…


the schedule

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Nordpole events

April 26th-28th 2024

heels Intensive

Flow in Heels.  

Get your high heels and flow with us on the last weekend in April. 
From beginner to all-level classes to intermediate, we have once again put together a varied program for you. 
In 8 workshops you will be shown different styles and techniques that you can try out. 
The Teachers are: 
Lidia (Guest Teacher)   |   Jenni   |   Anja   |   Jasmine   |   Nina   |   Kathi
To register, go to our course schedule. There you will find the workshops on the dates April 26-28, 2024 marked in red. When booking, you can then choose between the various package prices (individual price or package of 3 to 7).
Stay tuned

Summer Show Night

Summertime and the livin‘ is easy… 

We will publish all further information about our Summer Show Night here soon. 


If you have any questions, please contact us by email. 


Ticket incl. 1 Welcome Drink

JULY 13th 2024 Lichthof theater HAMBURG

Nordic Pole PLAYS


Show us your soul! 

At this pole championship in the north of Germany, it’s all about interpretation and an exciting performance.
The special thing about this competition is that the audience and the jury are equal: The participants* are judged by the jury and get points, the audience can also give points to each act with the help of their own cell phones and thus participate in the decision. The jury’s score and the audience’s score each contribute 50% to the decision.
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the Workshops

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